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Facebook Past Players Page

MURFC has a Past Players Facebook page. This was created to ensure we can easily connect with other Past Players and members of the club, to keep in touch beyond Brens Pavilion!

We regularly post score updates, event updates & posts about past players.

Feel free to post on this page, with photos, stories or rugby/life updates!

And catch up with other members, in private messages or in person.

To join the group, click on the photo below.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 232454.png

Melbourne Uni Rugby is very proud of our history!

We are continually building our Archives to ensure we chronicle our great memories.

We would gratefully receive any photos, videos, uniforms or documents that you wish to share.

If you can assist in naming players in our historical photos, please email

To keep up to date, follow MURFC via our Instagram...
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